Trough decades of development, Huayang has established a mature and constant-improving Quality Assurance System to guarantee the product quality. This system involves every detail in process of production and proves to be very effective. By following this system, Huayang’s products have been approved by ISO9001 international quality assurance system and also certified with CE certificate for European safety standard.





This Quality Assurance System has been applied successfully in product designing and manufacturing. In designing phase, the engineers of R&D center focus on many quality-related factors, such as durability, reliability, safety, aesthetic and final performance etc. By taking these factors into consideration, the engineers optimize each part of the machine in their designing, including printing material adaptability, machine speed, tension control, registration, and energy consumption etc. The aim of designing phase is to ensure each machine running stably and reliably, easy for operation and maintenance.


In addition to above, Huayang has stable material and spare parts suppliers. Despite this, each material and spare part must be tested and approved by our QC team before they are in use. Owning sophisticated equipment and advanced technology, Huayang has the capacity to manufacture main parts of printing machines. During manufacturing, each machine is manufactured under the supervision of QC team and R&D team. After strict testing and successful commissioning, each machine is issued with a Quality Assurance Certificate. Meantime, customers would come and approve the machine in our workshop before the machine is dispatched.


Despite of the above, facts speak louder than words. Currently, hundreds of machines manufactured by Huayang have been running reliably and efficiently in customers’ workshop.